Sway and Slide

One of the most common swing flaws we see among amateur golfers is too much lower body lateral (side-to-side) movement. When too much lateral movement occurs in the back swing it is called a sway. When it occurs in the downswing it is called a slide. Sway and slide are detrimental to both consistency and power of ball striking. Excessive lateral movement throws off correct sequencing, which makes it very challenging to achieve consistent ball striking and optimal energy transfer. Simple hip exercise stability golf

Strengthen Your Hips to Prevent Sway and Slide

Sway and slide can result from a number of different physical limitations. A lack of hip stability is one of the most common issues. One of the most important muscles for lower body stability is the gluteus medius, which is located just above the hip joint, right where your pockets are. A strong and active gluteus medius will prevent excessive lateral movement throughout the swing. More stability from stronger glutes allow you to properly coil and generate power within a stable posture. Luckily, for all of you swayers and sliders, strengthening the gluteus medius is simple and requires minimal equipment. The clam shell exercise is a great beginner exercise for any golfer hoping to be more consistent. Here’s how it’s performed:

gluteus medius

Gluteus Medius

The Clam Shell:

First, get into a side lying position.  Stack the top leg on top of the bottom and bring your knees towards your chest. From here, keep your feet together and raise the top knee to form a clam shape. You should feel your top buttocks tighten and hold for 2-3 seconds. It is important to make sure your pelvis does not rotate backwards during the motion, so make sure your top hip stays directly above the bottom hip throughout the duration of the exercise. To make this exercise more challenging, simply place a rubber tubing ring around your legs just above the knee joints.

simple hip exercise stability golf

Clam Shell with Resistance

Perform 3 sets x 15 reps of clam shells everyday and you will feel your lower body working for you in golf instead of against you.

For any questions regarding exercises to add stability into your golf swing please email me at [email protected]

Jason Rivkin

TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional

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