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  • Alexander (AK) Frazier

    Monday March 21st, 2016 David OstrowI’ve been working with the folks at Fitgolf for 15 years. I credit the program for my continuing success on the golf course. Although I’m moving into my late 50’s, I have not lost distance, and have actually gained some and have a better ball flight. I began with the physical assessment, moved to miafacial release, and for the last several years I have been working with TPI certified trainers to make my body the best it can be for swinging the golf club. Fitgolf also has diagnostic equipment to detect swing changes/ flaws. Recently, after a lesson with my ... Read more about this post

  • Bad Balance? Expect Bad Golf Swings

    Thursday August 24th, 2017 Jason RivkinWhy is balance important for the golf swing? I’ll be blunt. If you have poor balance, it’s very unlikely that you will produce a repeatable and consistent golf swing. In every good golf swing there’s good balance. Poor balance leads to bad body control and weight shift in the golf swing. Generally, consistent golfers do a great job shifting their weight to their trail leg in the backswing, and to their lead leg prior to impact. This weight shift pattern helps promote body stability in the swing. Bad balance will inhibit the golfer from successfully controlling their body and shifting the ... Read more about this post

  • Common Injuries

    Friday May 05th, 2017 David OstrowThis entry is part 2 of 7 in the series Shoulder InjuriesThe Shoulder – Common Injures in Golf Shoulder injuries can be a real pain. There are many kinds of injuries. In this lesson we will take up a variety of shoulder dysfunctions and the injuries they cause. Shoulder injuries are interesting because they generally come from overuse or improper use and from poor stability/mobility patterns of the thoracic spine and shoulder girdle. When the thoracic spine (which is supposed to be mobile) becomes immobile this leads to excessive mobility of the shoulder blade. If this happens, the shoulder joint’s response ... Read more about this post

  • The TSE

    Thursday January 05th, 2017 David Ostrow One of my favorite teaching aides to teach proper shaft lean at impact is the Tour Striker Educator. Watch this video to see how to use this teaching aide to learn proper shaft lean.     Read more about this post


  • Building a Golf Fitness Business at a Golf Club

    Monday July 11th, 2016 Fran RosarioThis entry is part 1 of 1 in the series building a golf fitness business at a golf clubTo talk about building your golf fitness business, I am first going to assume that You are a fitness trainer, you have already gone through the training for golf specific services AND you have provided these types of services for several golfers; or You are an Owner, General Manager or Head Golf Professional at a Golf Club, looking to add another amenity to help your golfer members. The information I share with you will help you establish the necessary relationships to either start seeing clients ... Read more about this post


  1. Kip Cleland says:

    Golf Fitness tip of the week – Touch Your Toes For Consistency.
    Touch your toes – 5 degrees in posture change during swing. Can not touch your toes 18 degrees posture change during swing. Consistency in the swing is key – that’s why we have 14 clubs to use.
    This is just how simple you need to keep information for the general golfing public. Much more than this and they will not do it.

    Kip Cleland
    Home Sweat Home Inc.
    Personal Trainiing
    Far Hills, N.J.

  2. David Ostrow says:

    Thank you for your comment, Kip. That change is with any and every club you can swing. If you start at 42 degrees the changes will be from there, with your five iron. If you start at 36 degrees with a drive the changes will be from that starting point, and if you start with a sand wedge with 47 degrees of bend, the changes will be from that starting point. It is not club dependent, rather is a standard change with any club of any angle or length that could be in your bag.

    I hope that clarifies the situation….yes consistency in the swing is the key, and our data indicates that no matter what club you hit, you will be less consistent if you cannot touch your toes.


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