About Us

About Us

At FitGolf Performance Centers, we believe that one of the biggest roadblocks to a golfer’s performance is his body limitation. For this reason, we look at the golf swing from a unique angle- the golfer’s body. 

Because your body is your most important piece of equipment. ®

Based on the idea that a body limitation contributes to every swing flaw, FitGolf focuses on how a golfer’s balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance contribute to or limit accurate, consistent performance. FitGolf Performance Centers offers the most comprehensive set of training and assessment tools to help you play more consistent and better golf with fewer aches and pains.

How We Started

FitGolf Performance Centers assisted with clinical research on how proper physical conditioning improved performance and minimized injuries among the world’s elite golfers. This research led to the development of a golf-specific fitness training and therapeutic treatment program: FitGolf Performance Centers.

Our Approach

Here at FitGolf Performance Centers, we bring you the complete golf, health, and fitness training program, completely tailored to your swing, your body, and the results you would like to see. Unlike anything else in the golf world today, our 3R Training Approach focuses on golf fitness and is designed to help you play better golf and feel better while you do it.


Using physical training and manual therapy techniques, the certified FitGolf Specialist releases muscle tissue in areas that limit the flexibility and range of motion within your golf swing.


Once you have achieved your optimum degree of flexibility and range of motion, you must now learn how to control that motion. The FitGolf Specialist will guide you through proven, golf-specific exercises that reinforce the use of your newfound mobility.


When you are comfortable with your new mobility, the FitGolf Specialist helps you strengthen your body, which enables you to make a consistent, safe, repeatable golf swing.

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