Re-education and Stability exercises greatly increase stability and control

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The exercises are organized by body area. Click on an image to view and download the exercises.

Glutes and Hip Re-education
Prone Hip Extension
Supine Adductor Squeeze
Deer in the Headlights
Bridge with Leg Extension
Bridge with March
3 Position Bridge
Hip Bias Training Exercises for Strength and Stability
Non-Weight Bearing Glutes
Double Limb Static
Single Limb Static
Double Limb Dynamic 1
Double Limb Dynamic 2
More Glutes and Hips…
Supine Bridge
Bridge Leg Extension
Assisted Single Leg Bridge
Single Leg Bridge – Core Activation
RNT Single Leg Bridge
Straight Knee Hip Rotation
Bent Knee Hip Rotation
Hip Windshield Wipers
Bridge on Ball
Supine One Leg Bridge on Ball
Hip Lifts
Bridge on Ball Bent to Straight Knee
Bridge on Ball Marching
Straight Leg Bridge on Ball
Straight Leg Bridge March on Ball
One Leg Bridge Bent to Straight Knee
Supine Push Pull
Reach and Glide
Squat Progressions
Criss Cross Deep Squat
Deep Squat Arm Reach
Deep Squat Heels Up Arm Raise
Deep Squat Lat Raise
Dumbbell Deep Squat
Wall Sit with Arm Slide
Core – Abdominals – Trunk Rotation
Lower Abdominal Level One
Lower Abdominal Levels 2-4
Lower Abdominal Level 5
Lower Abdominal Level 6-7
Supine to Prone Rolling Lower Body
Supine to Prone Rolling Upper Body
Prone to Supine Rolling Lower Body
Prone to Supine Rolling Upper Body
Starfish Pattern One
Starfish Pattern Two
Assisted Curl-up


Abdominal Hollow
Pelvic Tilts Supine
Supine Chop
Supine Flexion and Extension
Supine Lift
Side Lying Rotation
Open Books
Cats and Dogs
Bird Dog Hip Extension
Bird Dog Arm Raise
Bird Dog Opposite Arm/Leg
4-Point Opposite Arm/Leg
Assisted Straight Leg Raise
Straight Leg Raise Core Activation
Assisted Side Leg Raise Core Activation
Gentle Ab Roller
Around the Worlds
Deadbug Sequence
Tall Kneeling Diagonals
Tall Kneeling D1 Extension
Tall Kneeling D1 Flexion
Tall Kneeling Flexion and Extension
Tall Kneeling D2 Extension
Tall Kneeling D2 Flexion
Tall Kneeling Lift
Tall Kneeling Chop
Half Kneeling Chop No Rotation
Chop Half Kneeling Rotation
Half Kneeling Chop
Half Kneeling Lift
Lifts No Rotation Half Kneeling
Lifts Half Kneeling Rotations
Half Kneeling D2 Extension
Half Kneeling D2 Flexion
Half Kneeling D1 Extension
Half Kneeling D1 Flexion
Half Kneeling Rotation
Chop Lunge Stance No Rotations
Chop Rotation Lunge Stance
Seated Spine Rotations
Leg Lowering
Dynamic Hamstring
Toe Touch Heels Up
Toe Touch Toes Up
Toe Touch Progression
RNT Single Leg Toe Touch
Toe Touch Heels Up
Shoulders – Shoulder Blades and Thoracic Spine
Foam Roll Scap Stability
Foam Roll Scap Depression
Reach Roll Lift Down
Reach Roll Lift Up
Prayer Stretch Arm Lift
I-Y-T-W Swiss Ball

L’s on Swiss Ball

W’s on Swiss Ball


Y’s on Swiss Ball


T’s on Swiss Ball
Resisted All Fours Diagonals
Resisted Scap Diagonals
Resisted All Fours Hip Extension
Resisted All Fours
Resisted All Fours Reach
The Twist
The Twist 2
Reach Roll Lift Assisted
Up Lift Hold
Prone Over Ball Extension
Shoulder Swivels
Balance and Posture
Seated Balance Leg Extension
Assisted DF/PF
Wall Sit Arm Slide
Resisted PF/DF
Elevated Heel Taps
Seated Balance on Ball
Set-up 1
Set-up 2
Figure 4 Walks
Feet Together Trunk Rotations
Backswing/Follow Through on Beam
Rotation on a Beam
Balance on a Beam
Rotation Ball Between Knees
Swiss Ball Kneeling
Oscillations at the Top
Address Posture Oscillations
Rotations on Ball
Foam Roll Rotations
Address on Foam Roll
Address on Beam
Turn on a Beam
Core Single Leg Stance
Stork Turns
Stork Turn Supported
Lower Body Kinematic Sequence Drill
Upper Body Kinematic Sequence Drill
Ball Release Impact Drill
Hip Twister Supported
Hip Twister
Trunk Rotation Feet on Line


Hip Lead Impact Drill
Impact Position Hip Swivels
Oscillation for Isometric Stabilization
Leg Overs
Butterfly Wings
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  1. […] The other way to check pelvic control is by a bridge with leg extension. Lying on your back with your knees bent, push your hips to the ceiling. Once the hips are elevated, kick one leg out holding that position for 10 seconds. Repeat the same on the opposite side. This again tests glute and abdominal control along with the endurance of these structures when put under stress. These two positions can be trained and tested in the same fashion to see how you are progressing. Functional exercise progressions are sometimes needed to make these movements more efficient. See here. […]

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