The V-Stance Rotation Stretch

The V-Stance Rotation Stretch is finding its way into almost all of my clients programs. It’s a tremendous stretch for a variety of benefits:

– Improves spine and shoulder mobility for better upper body rotation
– Improves hip mobility, hamstring & adductor (groin) flexibility for better lower body rotation
– Great preparation for a round of golf, practice session, or workout
– Can be done at home, work, gym, range, 1st tee, etc…

Check out the V-Stance Rotation Stretch:

Pro Tips:

– Emphasize keeping the knees locked out
– Keep the arm/hand in line with the shoulder. Don’t let the hand approach the ribcage/pelvis as you rotate
– Have your eyes follow your hand at all times
– If you can’t get to the floor without bending your knees, place your hands on a stool, box, yoga block, etc…

If you try these exercises and you find them to be too challenging or uncomfortable, do not continue, until you have consulted with your physician.  All exercises for golf should be customized to your needs after a proper evaluation.

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