Improve Your Downswing With a Simple Exercise: A Case Study

I was recently working with a client (male, 60 years old, 18 handicap) who reported that despite his recent physical improvements, he was still struggling turning through the ball. To investigate his issue, I asserted his swing with K-Vest 3D motion technology and was able to confirm that his body turn at impact was less that optimal.

Most golfers will be more consistent ball strikers with approximately 30-40 degrees of pelvis turn, and 25-35 degrees of upper body turn at impact


After seeing the data, I knew we had to get his rotational engine revved up, so I had him perform 2 sets of the following exercise, the Pivot & Press:

After reassessing, the data showed substantial increases in body turn at impact:

A substantial increase in body rotation with minimal intervention

After 4 minutes of exercise, this golfer increased his pelvis turn by 10 degrees, and his shoulder turn by 6 degrees! I’m not saying these results should be expected with ALL golfers. My client was already working with me for a month and I don’t think his body would have responded as quickly on day 1. However, I do think most golfers can benefit from exercises like the Pivot & Press given its specificity to the unique golf swing motion.  

It’s a great exercise selection because it only requires only a light resistance band and can be performed at home. A fine alternative to a resistance band is a cable pulley machine that you’ll find a most gyms. 

For those of you looking to improve your rotation in your downswing and finish, give the Pivot & Press a try. Please note and use the following tips:

  1. Pick a light to moderately light resistance. The objective is not to strengthen the pec like a traditional chest press.
  2. Start by loading, or shifting weight into the trail hip and leg.
  3. Shift your weight to the lead leg and “lead the charge” with the pelvis. The arm press should be the last movement to occur, but it should look and feel like one fluid movement. 
  4. Imagine as though you’re performing the exercise in a barrel as to limit lateral, or side-to-side, movement.
  5. Perform 2-3 sets x 8-12 repetitions in BOTH directions. 

Jason Rivkin, TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional


If you try these exercises and you find them to be too challenging or uncomfortable, do not continue, until you have consulted with your physician. All exercises for golf should be customized to your needs after a proper evaluation.

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