Swing Into the New Year: Home Exercises to Keep Your Golf Game on Par

The holiday season is synonymous with parties, eating, drinking, and a break from the regular fitness routine. As a dedicated golfer, you might be tempted to put workouts to the side to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. However, before you surrender to the allure of holiday indulgences, consider this: your golf game could be at risk of regression if you neglect your fitness routine. But fear not, as maintaining your strength and flexibility is possible with just a few simple exercises at home. Let’s explore the importance of staying in good physical condition over the holidays and provide you with four home exercises, designed to keep your golf swing in top form.

Building & Maintaining Essentials for a Stellar Swing

Try adding these four exercises to your holiday fitness routine.

The Power of Minimal Effort

The beauty of these exercises lies in their simplicity. With minimal equipment and time commitment, you can make significant impact on your golf game. The Reachbacks and High Plank Rotations target the thoracic spine and shoulders, making it possible to increase your shoulder turn in the swing. The Bridge with March and Stork Turn exercises are great for improving lower body strength, balance, and rotation, leading to more consistency and power in your swing!

As you enjoy the holiday season, don’t let your golf game take a backseat. Incorporating these exercises into your routine will not only maintain your physical condition, but also give you an edge when you return to the golf course. So, find a comfortable spot at home, and invest a few minutes each day in these exercises. Your swing will thank you and you’ll step into the new year with a golf game that’s on par and ready for success.

If you try these exercises and you find them to be too challenging or uncomfortable, do not continue, until you have consulted with your physician.  All exercises for golf should be customized to your needs after a proper evaluation.

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