Grip Strength: Key for More Distance & Accuracy

Take a look down at your hands and make a fist as hard as you can. How strong can you grip? Believe it or not, research is suggestive of grip strength being correlated with both clubhead speed and accuracy.

A study published in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine found a significant correlation between grip strength and golf performance. Researchers discovered that golfers with stronger grips not only exhibited greater clubhead speed, but also demonstrated improved accuracy in their shots. This means that honing your grip strength not only enhances your power, but also refines your control of the club and clubface.

In addition to its impact on golf performance, grip strength has been linked to broader health and longevity benefits. A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shed light on the connection between grip strength and aging. The research revealed that individuals with stronger grips tend to experience a slower rate of cognitive decline as they age.

To improve your grip strength, consider adding exercises to your workouts that require moderately heavy (of course, this is relative) free weights such as dumbbeslls and kettlebells. Exercises such as deadlifts and farmers walks are great for engaging your forearms, fingers, and wrists, promoting the development of grip strength over time.