Pelvic Rotation: Learn to Generate Separation for a Better Swing

Being able to independently rotate the lower body from the upper body is a critical skill for golfers to have. In other words, as a golfer, you should be able to rotate your pelvis without your upper body moving.

Obtaining the ability create separation will improve your downswing sequencing and help you create power more efficiently and consistently.

Tour Players and Elite Amateurs have many different swing types and styles. Regardless of swing style, all high level golfers transition into the downswing the same way, by rotating the pelvis first! 

Test Yourself: The Pelvic Rotation Test

Before you work on improving your sequencing, first make sure that your body will cooperate. Here’s how to perform the Pelvic Rotation Test:

If you passed the test, great! Chances are you already possess good sequencing of the downswing, or you’re physically capable of making it better quickly. 

On the flip side, if you failed the test, it doesn’t mean your sequencing must be bad or you’re incapable of improving. I’ve worked with highly skilled golfers who fail the Pelvic Rotation Test and have a technically sound swing. However, I can promise you that by improving your Pelvic Rotation, it will be heck of a lot easier for you to become a more consistent and powerful golfer.

Every golfer has multiple road blocks on the way to improvement; technical issues, body issues, equipment issues, mental game issues. At the very least, let’s start eliminating some of those road blocks by improving your body so you can swing the way you want to!

The Exercises Fix: Hip Twisters

Hip Twisters will help most golfers improve their ability to independently rotate the lower body from the upper body. There are 4 progressions to Hip Twisters:

  1. Supported – Feet Together: 20 Reps
  2. Supported – Feet Apart: 20 Reps
  3. Unsupported – Feet Together: 20 reps
  4. Unsupported – Feet Apart: 20 reps


Once you’ve gone through 20 reps of all the Hip Twister progressions, perform the Pelvic Rotation Test again. Do you notice improvement?

Independent Pelvic Rotation is an acquired Motor Pattern, meaning most golfers need to improve their coordination before they perfect the movement.  This takes time. Try to work Hip Twisters into your routine at least once or twice per day. 

Some of you will catch on quick, while for others, the process will be slow. For those of you who continue to struggle, you’ll want to investigate other body issues such as core strength and flexibility.

If you have any questions or would like personalized recommendations, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact me directly at [email protected]

Jason Rivkin

Golf Fitness Coach

If you try these exercises and you find them to be too challenging or uncomfortable, do not continue, until you have consulted with your physician.  All exercises for golf should be customized to your needs after a proper evaluation.

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