FitGolf® Announces New Partnership with Perfect Motion

PerfectMotion, the industry-leading A.I.-powered mobile app platform that teaches golfers to develop efficient body motion by providing instant feedback and expert instruction on every swing, announces that Conshohocken, P.A.-based FitGolf® has joined its platform. FitGolf Performance Centers bring golfers a complete golf, health, and fitness training program that is tailored to their swing and body.

When the pandemic first hit, a golf professional who worked with Ryan McCrea, FitGolf’s Golf Performance Specialist in Raleigh, NC, began using the PerfectMotion app to train McCrea with the golf swing. “I got to use it and thought it was a good opportunity for us,” says McCrea. “PerfectMotion picks up on body movements and the fact that we work on training the body would be a good symbiotic relationship. The instant feedback is definitely great; you know right away whether it was a good or bad swing. And if it was bad, the app will tell you why. So getting that immediate feedback is critical. And we want to know immediately if our clients are feeling things in their core or hips. We get immediate feedback that we then reinforce to make sure they’re hitting the same parameters. We work hard to retrain and re-check people, and make sure everything we’re doing is working right. So the app works remotely in a completely complementary fashion as we work with our clients.”

McCrea says he particularly likes that PerfectMotion embraces fitness in its platform, recognizing that it’s a community effort between golf professionals and fitness experts to get the golf swing as good as it can be. “It’s a tool where people will tell use ‘it really wants me to turn my shoulders, but I just don’t have that ability’ and then they’ll reach out to us to see if we can guide them a little easier on that,” says McCrea.

FitGolf® debuted 27 years ago- under a different name- by a physical therapist on the PGA Tour, and now operates 26 franchises under a standardized system. Its focus is on building relationships with PGA sections and instructors, and forming a team to improve golf instruction and grow the game. All FitGolf Performance Centers have TPI-certified trainers who aim to help golfers achieve a longer range of motion for their golf swing and be able to play and live with less body pain.

“I love the synergy between our products, as it makes both more powerful,” says PerfectMotion CEO and founder Rich Kosowsky. “Our app helps golf professionals identify where and how golfers can improve their swings. And FitGolf® can help those golfers physically get to that level.”

PerfectMotion is a complete system that will benefit any golfer from beginner all the way up to an elite tour player. For the higher handicap, it’s about starting to develop the right mechanics, and being able to repeat them. For the middle handicap, it’s about trying to improve consistency and add distance. And for the lower handicap and pros, it’s about fine-tuning and working on shots.

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