Research Project

Golf Fitness Research

At FitGolf Performance CentersĀ®, we want to deeply understand how the body and the golf swing are related. In an effort to improve understanding, we conduct national research studies to further our understanding of the body-swing connection. We constantly strive to prove what we believe about the body and the golf swing. Our on-going research gives you the opportunity to participate in contributing to the expansion of the body of knowledge about the golf swing.

Results from Past Studies

Interested in learning more about the results from our past research projects? Simply click the buttons below to read further.

(Presented at the Better Golf Through Technology Symposium at M.I.T.)

(Presented at 2008 World Golf Fitness Summit in Anaheim California)

Our Current Research Studies

We are not currently conducting any Research Studies, but if you would like to be notified when our next project begins, simply sign up for our monthly Newsletter and we will include all of the details in those updates.