GFR Progress Offer (Golf Fitness Handicap Assessment)

Golf Fitness Handicap Assessment

The FitGolf® Golf Fitness Handicap is an assessment comprised of a series of body movement tests that tell a story about how your body works in the golf swing. It also shows how you might be at risk for an injury from golf. This assessment will help you determine what to work on to gain more comfort in your body movements and improvement in your golf. 

How the Assessment Works

During the Golf Fitness Handicap assessment, you will be asked to perform twelve functional body movement screen tests. These tests will provide a Golf Fitness Handicap score. If your Golf Handicap is higher than your Golf Fitness Handicap score, then we may lead you back to your swing instructor for more work on your technique or golf swing skills. However, if your Golf Fitness Handicap score is higher than your Golf Handicap, then fitness or body movement training will help you lower your scores, be more consistent, feel better, and prevent injury.

Schedule Your Complimentary Golf Fitness Handicap Assessment

This assessment can be completed in person with one of our trained FitGolf® professionals in one of our locations across the country. If you are unable to come in to see us in person, we will help you schedule a complimentary virtual golf fitness assessment utilizing Zoom (or another video conferencing platform) with a FitGolf® trainer online.