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What Holds You Back in Your Golf?

Here at FitGolf, we’ve found there are THREE main things that impact your ability to achieve the golf swing and the game that you’d love to have: ConsistencyDistance, and Back Pain. Which of these three do you find holds you back the most in your golf?

Consistency in golf is a holy grail for many players. We have research that proves that if you can touch your toes, you will be more consistent.

Distance is another thing that we hear most golfers want. Improved rotation in the lower body has been proven to improve power dramatically.

Finally lower back pain in golfers is a serious problem. Golfers at all levels, from beginner to the best on the tours have serious lower back problems. Look at Tiger Woods as a real life example. He is arguably one of the best in the world and he was out for years with back problems.

We are looking forward to helping you focus on the area of your golf that you’d like to see improve and we hope you find these tools helpful!