Playing better golf is easier than it seems.  Most golfers work on technique, and take lessons.  They do not work on the most important piece of golf equipment, their bodies.  If you are struggling to lower your scores, add distance, and really excel at golf, your body might be the issue.  At FitGolf Performance, Centers we help you with your body so that you can lower your scores, gain distance and have more fun with golf. More…

For information or to lower your scores and gain distance, please complete this form.  One of our staff will gladly help you.  As a thank you for completing this form, we will give you the E-Book:  Low Back Injuries in Golf by our CEO, David Ostrow, PT. After completing this form, click submit and you will be email with a link to the download page for the Low Back Injuries E-book.

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More Consistency
More Accuracy
Lower Scores
More Solid Contact
More Power
Greater Distance
More Fun
Better Ball Striking

Poor Stability
Mobility Restrictions
Back Pain
Neck Pain
Leg Pain
Balance Issues
Bad Posture
Shoulder Pain
Hand/Wrist/Elbow Pain
Pain during or after Golf

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