Most players visit me on the lesson tee to improve their distance, hit the ball straighter or make better contact. Improving distance is by far the most popular reason I get to meet so many golfers. This is where swoosh for speed come into play.

Improving distance is a product of increasing club head speed along with making better contact. I am going to share a simple drill that will help you create more speed on a consistent basis.

It has been my experience that many golfers focus too much on hitting the ball rather than swinging the club. This normally induces tension in both the grip and the arms. This results in less rather than more speed through the ball.
It is much better to focus on the club rather than the ball in trying to improve distance. This month’s video shows you a simple drill so you can stay focused on the club as you develop more club speed. It will show you how to start the body first, lag the club behind the hands and release the club through the ball. Best of all, you will be able to hear how fast you are swinging.

There is an old saying that you can not shoot a cannon from a canoe. The reason is that if you do so the cannon exerts a downward force when it is fired and blows a hole through the canoe and it sinks. However, this downward force is exactly what you want to create when you start the downswing in your golf swing. It is created by feeling that you are actually sitting down. I tell my students to feel as though they are getting a grass stain on their fanny. The Scots call this movement “curtsying through the ball.


Biomechanics labs actually measure how many pounds per square inch a player is putting into the ground using force plate analysis. Longer hitters have been proven to put much more pressure into the ground on their downswing. In this video I will describe and show you how to use your hips and legs to create these ground reaction forces in your swing.

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Having the ability to hit fades and draws properly serves two purposes. The first is that you become a better shot maker. The second is that you get an enhanced feel for both the path and face during the swing. This will help you both elevate and maintain your level of play.

Many golfers make the mistake of trying to manipulate the club face through impact to curve the ball. This is because they have a faulty understanding of ball flight laws. Tour players have a much better understanding of ball flight laws. As a consequence, tour players use the path of the swing to hit fades and draws. This video will give you an explanation of the ball flight laws and show you how to set up and swing properly so that you can consistently hit fades and draws correctly on the golf course.



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