In 2013 and 2014 we put out a series of tips for trainers and golf clubs to help them start, improve or grow their golf fitness business. The golf clubs would use the information to improve amenities for their club members and the trainers would use the information to grow their fitness revenue. It’s recently been brought to our attention that Clubs and trainers all over the country are asking for new ways to improve their golf fitness business and grow revenue.
The times have changed since we started these tips back in 2013! What worked very well then may still work some, but now adjustments had to be made to get the same level of success (or better). Therefore, throughout the 2016 business year, we will be sending you updated tips on a bi-weekly basis to help you grow your golf fitness business.
Two ways we can help each other:

1. Send me ANY questions you may want to get answers for. If we don’t have the answers, we will utilize our golf fitness relationships and resources to research the answers for you. We will then post the question along with the answer so all can benefit.
2. Send us any of your success stories utilizing any of the ideas you get from these tips, or even the ideas you come up with yourself or anywhere else.

Below, you will find some of the content we will be covering throughout the year. The information we provide will not be limited to just this list, and it will come in no particular order. We may find that a question submitted by the reading audience gives us an important subject to expound on and share with all the rest of you.
Looking forward to hearing your ideas,
Fran Rosario, Sr. V.P. Business Development and Marketing – FitGolf Performance Centers

Golf Fitness Business Building tips for 2016

Series: Using Social Media

The Need for Social Media
Which Social Media Outlets

Series: Building golf fitness at Golf Clubs

Phases of Building a Golf Club On-sit golf fitness business / Initial Research and Prospecting
Ideas for researching viability of an On-site golf fitness program
Sample Letter to a golf Professional
Creating a survey to determine viability and interest for golf fitness at a golf club
Following up on your On-site prospect cultivation
Building a Proposal for the golf fitness program at the Golf Club
Questions to ask the golf club to build your proposal

Series: Ideas for getting more golf fitness clients – Referral Systems

Building Referral Systems
Referral System Ideas #1 – Utilizing your CURRENT client base
Referral System Ideas #2 – Ask for referrals as part of your presentation (or script)
Referral System Ideas #3 – Utilizing surveys with your current clients
Referral System Ideas #4 – Networking groups
Referral System Ideas #5 – Off-Season or “Slow time” requests for referrals
Referral System Ideas #6 – Reward System

Series: Drawing in Junior Golfers

What is the Junior Golfer looking for
Creating the perfect event to draw the junior golfer
Getting Adult golfers from a junior event

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Which Came First: The Chicken or the Egg?

This question is always fun… Some may say “it’s all about outcomes”, some say “it’s all about getting new clients in the door”! Which came first, the chicken or the egg???

Usually, I’ll find that the people actually providing the golf fitness services will swear that it’s ALWAYS the chicken – or about the outcomes you’ve gotten with your current clients. You know… the satisfied client gets you more referrals and becomes your spokesperson and on and on and on and blah,blah,blah (guess you can already tell that I’m on the side of the egg). The marketing person feels that they can always do better by INCREASING the number of spokespeople by putting time into “Getting New Clients”.  So which comes first??? You will have to decide on that for yourself!

 When I converse with my trainer friends they tend to (almost always) put all their time towards learning how to provide better golf fitness training programs and services for the clients they FINALLY get. There is nothing wrong with continuing education in your fitness training field, and there are an unlimited amount of resources for you to accumulate this wealth of knowledge. Since my world is that of the professional marketer, for the purpose of today’s tip, we’re going to speak about the egg coming first, or how to get the client in so you can perform your expert golf fitness services to help them achieve “outcomes”.

Whenever I’m teaching the class “How to Get New Clients” most of the participants tell me they would love to just “help people reach their health and fitness goals” (in other words, “I would love to save the world”). The response I give them is that although this is a noble cause, would it be so wrong that you also learn how to bring new clients in the door AND price your services so YOU can actually make a good living while accomplishing your initial fitness goal of helping people? If you can pay your overhead AND make a comfortable income in the process, wouldn’t you be in position to help even MORE people achieve outcomes and become healthier.

Now let’s get to the point: There are plenty of courses to improve your golf fitness training skills… so now it’s time to find resources that actually help you get a prospect to want to become your client! While going to school for your training, how many of those fitness, health, physical therapy, chiropractic or massage therapy majors included a course in marketing, or in sales? I’m sure you will find the answer to be that it is probably a very small percentage. Therefore, find the right people and courses that can help you learn to “close” the prospect that is right in front of you, into a great client who will want your services for a long time. The better you are at the close, the faster you will become successful in your golf fitness business.


What you can learn from great marketing and sales people is absolutely invaluable to your golf fitness business. For example: If you are stretching golfers at a local charity event., What EXACT words would you actually use to get the prospect to ASK YOU questions about your services rather than feeling like they are being grilled by your sales “pitch”.  Or, what questions are YOU asking to control the conversation rather than allowing the prospect to control the conversation; successfully prying ALL your valuable knowledge for FREE… therefore they’ll never need your services!

Final Tip:  Get yourself some training on how to have the prospect WANT to use your services!


Bonus:  Win a FREE half hour personal consultation for your golf fitness business!

All you need to do is contribute to these tips by asking Fran a question about how to help your golf fitness business grow, or by contributing success stories of your golf fitness business growth. Every contributor’s name for each month will be entered into a monthly drawing. Every month, three (3) contributors will be picked out of a hat to win the FREE consultation. So let’s all join in and help this industry grow by helping each other… and good luck in the drawing!

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