Because your body is your most important piece of equipment®
Our golf fitness centers are here to help you on your quest to play better golf and feel better while you play. Lower your scores, improve your consistency, increase your distance, guaranteed. We have training centers across the United States to serve you. Furthermore, we stand behind our training programs to get you the outcome you want.

Effective golf fitness training improves your body. Consequently, that creates more consistency, distance, and lower scores. Our training activities include exercises for mobility, stability, strength, speed, power, explosiveness, and control. With centers countrywide, and an e-learning golf fitness system you can lower your scores and gain more distance from anywhere in the world.


How are your functional movements? What is your kinematic sequence? How do you shift your weight? How does all of this affect your swing? Begin with an assessment to know what challenges you have in your body. Then begin one of our golf fitness training programs for body restoration or training to play better golf, with less pain…guaranteed. Start your own training program now.

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PGA Professional Mark Csencsits

“I’ll admit it took seeing dramatic results from every single one of my students that I had referred to FitGolf Performance Centers for me to finally sign up for a program for myself. Some of my elite junior golfers have picked up over 30 yards off the tee and one even gained over 50 yards!” more

Mark Csencsits, PGA Teaching Professional

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Game Improvement Research: Reasons for Loss of Posture in the swing – Download our Report on Early Hip Extension Research from 2012

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