Ok, so now you’ve decided to look for ways to grow your golf fitness business and you come across the “tip of the week” that suggest you utilize social media to help your growth. There are many reasons people stay away from utilizing social media for their business:

  1. No time (too busy working)
  2. Don’t know how
  3. I’m too old for that
  4. I’m too young for that (although in today’s world, I doubt it)
  5. Can’t keep up with it (No time)
  6. Don’t know what to write or post

I just want to say that I totally understand every one of these excuses because I have experienced them all… well, all but number 4.

Let me begin with a quick story: Several years ago, I was directing a staff meeting for our company when the subject of utilizing “Email Blasting” came up. After listening to the marketing department reasons why we should utilize emails for growing our business, I decided that our market was not ready to get email blasted, that our prospects just won’t spend time opening their messages. Well only 10 months later the entire world turned to email blasting promotions. We found ourselves way behind when it came to the newest marketing techniques. Interestingly, in today’s business world I have also found that much more business is completed with prospects by communicating through emails. Just a few short years ago, we felt it was imperative to make phone calls or physical meetings to close sales. What we have found is that proper email communication can now result in sales. As a matter of fact, some prospects would rather reply to an email then to return a phone call!

After the email blasting craze, companies  then found ways to promote products and services through social media and we decided we were NOT going to watch this process go by.

Main Point:

Tip #1

If you currently use social media to grow your golf fitness business, learn more about it to become more effective and more efficient… But if you don’t use social media then you will either need to LEARN the basics fast or pay someone (even part time) to do social media marketing for you.

In the next few “tip of the week” postings, we will share some of the ideas we currently use to grow our golf fitness business.


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