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Social Media is too hard for me!

I don’t know how to do social media marketing !   Just DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO !

I can’t write so I can’t BLOG !

Yes this is what I’ve been hearing from people that won’t use social media to market their golf fitness services. So I will attempt to give you a few SIMPLIFIED IDEAS to kick start your social media marketing.

Please keep in mind that I myself, am certainly not even close to being an expert in utilizing social media as a marketing tool to get new golf fitness clients in the door (or even for non-business reasons for that matter).  That being said, I will be going on the assumption that most of you folks building your golf fitness business are in the same boat I am. However, if you are a social media expert and your business derived from social media has your golf fitness business exploding to where you need to expand to another location, then please print this article out and just go outside and start a camp fire with it then begin singing Kumbaya.

So let’s keep this “tip” simple enough that almost anyone can start using social media to promote their golf fitness business. Today, we will talk about Simple Networking and Observing others that know how to use social media to grow their business. In the next tip we will cover the value of  utilizing “Like”,  “Comment” “Follow”, “Share” and in the final Social Media tip we will be talking about a SIMPLIFIED way to create killer content for your social media marketing. IN all these upcoming tips we will be talking about doing these tasks without spending a whole lot of time on them.

  1. Network
  • I’m not good at social media but what I have become very good at was surrounding myself with people with ideas of how to make this kind of marketing work.
  • Ask questions to simplify things for yourself. Ask how you can do something on a basic level. Don’t be afraid to ask to “simplify” more than once: I have a friend that is very good at computers and can fly through things most of us just can’t understand. Where this person falters is that he is not very good at showing others how to do it. He assumes everyone else is as smart as he is and only has to be shown things once. My experience has been that most computer savvy people work and think the way this person does so you really need to ask them to slow down and keep it simple.
  1. Observe – observe what other golf fitness people are doing on facebook, twitter, LinkIn, etc.
  • If it looks like it makes sense and it fits what you are trying to do… try it
  • Now you can take a look at what general fitness people are doing out there but my experience has been that only a few things being used by fitness centers and personal trainers work in our business. The golf fitness world is quite different than the standard fitness world for many reasons:
    • Goals may differ
    • Market is different
    • Sport specific
    • Price points
    • Specialized training for the trainer

Now you have the first two “Basics to Social Media Marketing” for your golf fitness business. In two weeks you can expect the next set of important points with action ideas.

In the next few “tip of the week” postings, we will share some of the ideas we currently use to grow our golf fitness business.

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