Here at FitGolf Performance Centers our golf fitness coaches spend a great deal of time on strengthening the muscles of the “core”. Core strength is a common topic in golf fitness, but what exactly is the core? Health and fitness professionals have characterized the core in many different ways including muscle groups such as the abdominals, gluteal muscles, and spinal erectors. For the sake of simplicity, we will put today’s focus on the abdominal muscle group.

DSC01785The abdominal muscles play a key role in a consistent and powerful golf swing. The abs are one of the main players in maintaining posture and generating power in the downswing. Essentially, they set the foundation from which everything else is built up from. Having a weak abdominal foundation will lead to flawed movement and compensation from other muscle groups in your body. Flawed movement and compensation for any golfer greatly heightens your chance of injury. Great core strength and hence, great abdominal strength, is a solid jump off point for any injury prevention and golf performance program.

One simple exercise to get you started is the lower abdominal pelvic tilt. This exercise is used early on in FitGolf exercise programs and should be perfected by all athletes new and old to golf fitness. The lower abdominal pelvic tilt is used to promote a neutral pelvis position. A neutral pelvis is crucial for achieving perfect posture at address and making a full swing. In addition, a neutral pelvis is ideal for keeping the spine safe from excessive stress.

To perform the lower abdominal pelvic tilt lay on the floor on your back with your knees bent. Lying relaxed, you will find a space in between the floor and your low back. Place a towel roll under that space.  From here, flatten your low back and push into the towel by squeezing your abdominals. You should feel as though your belt (real or imaginary) is being sucked towards your belly button. This in fact is your pelvis tilting backwards (posterior pelvic tilt) to achieve a neutral pelvis. Maintain a strong abdominal contraction and constant pressure down onto the towel and hold for 2-3 deep breaths. Relax by letting the abs loosen and arch the low back into the original resting position. Repeat for a total of 50 repetitions.

This exercise is a great first step into achieving a strong core and stronger golf swing!

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