In my previous post “Tune up Your Body for Spring Golf” I discussed how a long winter can negatively affect flexibility and the way you perform at the beginning of the golf season. While it is true that starting a flexibility program in the final winter days will help your scores at the beginning of the season (see “Stretching for the Upcoming Golf Season” parts 1-3), muscle strengthening and reeducation is just as important in order to stay injury-free and score well this spring. Waking up the “core” muscles after a sedentary winter will be an integral pre-season goal.

Core strength is a common topic in golf fitness, but what exactly is the core? Health and fitness professionals have characterized the core in many different ways including muscle groups such as the abdominals, glute muscles, and spinal erectors. Over the course of the winter the core muscles become inactive due to increased periods of sitting and inactivity. If you enter the golf season with a weak core it will not only affect the quality of your swing, but it will also increase your risk of injury. The core muscles provide stability to your pelvis and low back which is integral for a biomechanically sound swing. Without stability to these areas you will be predisposed to certain swing flaws such as poor sequencing and rotation.

To avoid injury and to improve your golf game, start a core strengthening program in addition to your flexibility program. Exercises such as bridges, clam shells, and planks are all great exercises that you can do at home or at the gym to really help kick start your game this spring.

If you have any questions about core training in golf, email me directly at [email protected]

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