In our 19 years of being in this business, we found this to be the #1 reason golf fitness businesses fail. Although most people struggle with ways to get new golf fitness clients in the door, the follow up procedure (or lack thereof) has been the biggest road block to success. Learn how to follow up with your prospects, plan on making this one of your most important steps, and your golf fitness business will grow. People don’t intend to draw a circle without having the line come to a complete close… So therefore, “Close the Circle”.

  • Create a come-up system: If using your computer utilize a database program that can automatically prompt you to give your prospect a call on a specific day and time. An example of a good database manager program would be Microsoft Outlook.
  • Every time you talk to your prospect ask permission to call them again with a follow-up call: Once they give you permission, your phone call will no longer be a surprise.

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