FOLLOW UP! Seminars are a great way to create activity that can lead to new golf fitness clients whether you are currently in (the golf) season or in the “off season”. The reason I put “off season” in quotations is that some places in the country have no “off season”. Creating activity during golf season as opposed to your off season is the topic of an upcoming article, but for now let’s look at this activity of doing a seminar as an off season marketing activity.

The first thing you will need to do is to make your own definition of what a successful seminar really is. For example:

  • Are you presenting to a group of people to educate them about a specific subject?
  • Are you going to educate your audience on general information about “Golf Fitness”?
  • Are you creating an added benefit for the leaders at the location you are presenting at?
  • Are you trying to get people interested in your product? • Do you feel the need to be on a stage? (Just checking to see if you’re paying attention)
  • Are you presenting so they come see you for your services?

When we (at our golf fitness company) look at ANY marketing activity, we create our ultimate goal first, and then list all the minor goals we can obtain along the way. In ALMOST every activity our main goal is to GET PEOPLE IN THE DOOR at our location. Our next step is to plan the event‘s step that will get us to that main goal. So lay out the goal first then work backwards with the filler activities. But, the only way to accomplish our goal is to come up with a presentation that the audience is interested in. Which brings us to the realization of how important it is to ask your host (possibly your local golf pro instructor) what topics they feel is going to work for their members.

Important points for presenting on a successful seminar:

  1. Always have a sign-up sheet prepared so your attendees can fill in their contact information.
  2. The first name on that sign-in sheet should be your (or one of your helpers) with your phone number and email address listed following your name. This gives your attendees a guide to follow when they are writing their own information on the sign-in sheet.
  3. Follow a planned outline to stay organized.
  4. Make your presentation INTERACTIVE! Have people stand and participate in a few stretches that pertain to your presentation.
  5. Most important: * Remember that this presentation should be all about your AUDIENCE. This is not about how good YOU are or the services YOU provide – it’s about what is in it for THEM. So, as you have heard from me before: Put your PRIDE in your back pocket!

Good luck in your seminar presentation and feel free to let us know how it went!

Our next blog article will be to take a look at possible activities to use during your golf “off-season”.

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