When we left off in the Previous Post, we looked at areas to stretch in the golf season. Today we will look at other areas to focus on this winter.

Additional areas to address in our path of increased flexibility is the calves. You would be surprised at the number of individuals that deal with tight calves on a daily basis. A lack of flexibility in the soft tissues can lead to several movement issues (deep squat, deadlift, walking, maintaining posture in the golf swing) and typically leads to a stiffening of the ankle due to the lack of motion. The soft tissues are easier to address than the joint stiffness, so this can be an easy fix if noticed early. To stretch the calves is simple, stand on a step (one at the bottom of the stairs is best), and drop one of your heels off while the other stays on the step. Hold until satisfied. Some variations of this stretch to target different muscles include a straight or bent knee on the leg being stretched. Simply attack the position that is most tight.

Moving up the leg, the large muscles found on the back of your hip bones are important in several athletic movements (deadlift, sprinting, climbing stairs) and are responsible for rotation in the golf swing. To stretch glutes and piriformis, lie on your back with your knees bent. Cross on leg over the other then grab the back of the leg still on the floor and pull it towards your chest. An added touch is to roll to the opposite side of the hip being stretch to increase the intensisty. Hold until satisfied then repeat on the other side.

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