This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series building a golf fitness business at a golf club

To talk about building your golf fitness business, I am first going to assume that

  • You are a fitness trainer, you have already gone through the training for golf specific services AND you have provided these types of services for several golfers; or
  • You are an Owner, General Manager or Head Golf Professional at a Golf Club, looking to add another amenity to help your golfer members.

The information I share with you will help you establish the necessary relationships to either start seeing clients at a club (if you’re a fitness trainer) or if you are the club decision maker, find the right people with the best qualifications that will deliver the services that help you and your members the most. We must also understand that there could be other ways to go about doing this, and you may not even agree with everything we suggest… but I will simply be sharing the approach and methods we have been using at our locations throughout the country.

Over the last few years we have spent many hours talking with golf pros and general managers. In this article we will first begin by outlining what we found these folks have told us that Golf Clubs are looking for. I believe this information is also valuable for the fitness trainers to understand what most clubs are looking for. In our next article, we will cover steps a trainer should be taking to provide services at a golf club.

Reasons a Golf Club would consider having these services:

  1. Another amenity to offer to their members
  2. Another reason the member would make yet another visit to the club – the more visits a member makes to the club, the more services the member uses.
  3. Help the golfer improve their game
  4. Add another service to support the head golf professional’s overall golf “program”
  5. Create an “Image of Difference” from their surrounding clubs

What the Golf Club looks for in the service provider (golf fitness trainer):

  • Golf fitness Experience
  • Knows a little bit about golf and a lot about how the body moves in relation to golf
  • Team Player – Can the trainer be a part of the Head Golf Pro’s program
  • Trainer needs to be Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified and keep their certification update
  • Trainer must have a planned program  that fits what the club’s instructors are doing for the golfers
  • Opportunity to have a high quality golf fitness brand and program
  • Proof that the golfers actually improve

On my next blog article, we will be discussing the golf fitness trainer’s process for providing these services at a golf club.

In the meantime, feel free to send your ideas or even questions by replying with a comment.

Stay tuned for the next part of “Building Your Golf Fitness Business” at a golf club.

See you soon!

fran rosario golf fitness business expert

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