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In my previous tip entitled “Using Social Media to Build Your Golf Fitness Business Part 2” we talked about Networking with and Observing others that know how to use social media to grow their Golf Fitness business. Now we will cover the value of utilizing “Follow”, “Like”, “Comment” “Share”.


For heaven’s sake, we need to put our pride in our back pockets and follow others.

As you can probably tell by now, this is THE MOST frustrating point to me. What I am about to discuss with you here is the EASIEST activity anyone can do but is SELDOM used. Why do I say seldom? Over the years we have worked with many, many (yes I said it twice!) golf fitness trainers and golf fitness business owners that just won’t do these simple tasks:

2.  “LIKE” it

When someone comes up with a good golf fitness article “LIKE” it !

And if you have liked it, COMMENT on it and let them know what you thought of the article. A very quick comment is sufficient.

3.  “SHARE” it

If the article is something you believe your market would like to read then SHARE it

Actually if it fits your type of business you should be sharing it just to let the public know what you do for a living and what makes you interested in an article such as this one.

4. NUMERO UNO…. “FOLLOW” the person or company whose article you like

One of the most key points to succeeding in social media marketing is to follow and gain followers. Most people won’t follow you until you show them that your interests are like theirs. Become a follower, share your ideas by commenting and then ask if they would also follow you.


Well actually it’s not so secret to those in the know of utilizing social media techniques to grow their business. But for those of you who don’t have that knowledge… this is it:


Since we’ve (re) started providing golf fitness educational content to our market, our prospect leads have grown almost ten-fold! On the next tip we will be showing you how to create effective content easily and within minutes. Now that will be the NEW Secret Weapon.

The next tip comes out in 2 weeks from now so stay tuned as to how YOU can provide content to help golfers in your region.    See you soon!


fran rosario

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