FUNdamentals is designed to make sure kids learn fundamental movement skills.

FUNdamentals Activities:


  • Mastery of all fundamental movements including: locomotion, stability, object control and awareness skills and up to 75% of all activity.
  • Fundamental Movement Screens to monitor progress in this phase.
  • Use games to promote agility, quickness, and change direction activities to take advantage of the first speed window.
  • Correct length and weight of golf clubs are critical.
  • Body weight exercises to promote physical fitness accounts for the other 25% of activities.
  • 9 holes a week of on-course activities to simulate golf and have fun.
  • Fundamental Cyclone for 90 minutes training one to two times a week.
  • Golf concepts of grip, posture, alignment ball position and weight shift are introduced.
  • 10% competition : 90% training
  • Introduction to rules and safety on the course and etiquette introduced.
  • For boys and girls ages 5-8
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