Learn to Compete includes college preparation, national

tournament play and physical development.

Train and learn to compete

  • Full functional movement screen is used.
  • Full Strength development 18 months after peak height velocity.
  • Advanced biomechanics testing is used
  • Adult club fitting is appropriate two times a year.
  • Fitness is still 40% of all training activities with a focus on strength and power.
  • Play 36-72 holes and practice 3-4 times each week.
  • Practice is 30% Block and 70% Random.
  • 40% competition : 60% training.
  • 15-25 competitions per year.
  • Introduction of pre-round and practice day activities are introduced.
  • Nutrition and recovery techniques are important.
  • Golf is now the only sport.
  • Males 16-18 years old and females 15-17 years old.

Train to Compete is college preparation, national

tournament play, and physical development.

Train and learn to compete

  • Use Functional Movement Screens for progress monitoring.
  • Emphasis on maximizing strength and power.
  • Advanced biomechanics testing and club fitting quarterly.
  • Custom fitness programs employed and reinforce and compliment coaching team activities.
  • 3-4 rounds of golf and 4-5 practice sessions each week.
  • 60% competition : 40% training.
  • Learn how to deal with pressure and play well in any condition.
  • Nutrition and recovery techniques still critical.
  • Travel and financial issues need to be addressed.
  • Males 18-23 and females 17-23.
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