The takeaway portion of the swing will determine the club path.   A poorly sequenced takeaway will cost you consistency and distance. The proper sequence of the takeaway is upper body turn first, followed by lower body turn.  Many golfers lack the ability to separate upper body movement from lower body movement. Limitations in joint stability and mobility make separating difficult for the golfer. Here are some exercises that will promote rotational body separation and consistency in golf.

Exercises To Help You Separate:

Half Kneeling Rotation

Pro Tips:

  • Keep the glute of the down leg engaged
  • As you begin to rotate, feel like your pushing the forward thigh inward
  • Keep the spine as long/straight as possbile
  • If your shoulder flexibility won’t allow you to place the alignment stick/club behind your upper back, place it behind the lower back
  • 2-3 sets x 10 reps/side recommended


Pro Tips:

  • Make sure you’re not dragging your trail foot
  • Stay in golf posture
  • The further back your hips are, the more you’ll work your glutes (this is a good thing!).
  • Keep the shoulders level. No tilting back and forth
  • 2-3 sets x 5 reps/direction (10 total) recommended

Shoulder Swivels

Pro tips:

  • Straight spine and good posture = more rotation
  • Perform in front of a mirror so you can see what your lower body is doing
  • Keep head stable
  • 2-3 sets x 15 reps recommended

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