The #1 tip I can give you for the golf “Off Season” is to first REALIZE that although there may be an “off season” for golfing in your region, that doesn’t mean there is an off season for YOUR golf fitness business! The moment you believe that you also have an off season is the moment you will find your revenue decreasing. Find reasons golfers would want to see you during THEIR off season and create promotions targeted towards their situations, goals, and desires. In the northern states, golfers consider November, December, January and February as their off season and in the south, golfers look at May, June, July, and August as being the months they believe as undesirable golfing times. Throughout the country In our company, we have found their off seasons to be our busiest times of the year because most golfers are looking for programs that can help them for the beginning of their next “in season”. Therefore, plan ahead and come up with “off-Season” marketing activities and promotional pieces that can increase your business traffic.

We will first begin with “Off Season” ideas that pertain to all regions of the U.S. Most of this country celebrates the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s holidays in one way or another. The promotions to start delivering to your database might have something to do with those times. Here are a few ideas as well as a sample of what we send out to our national database:

  1. Christmas Special:  Complete Golf Fitness Assessment (includes…) Regular price $200 Holiday special price $79.
  2. Golfer’s Dream Gift: Complete Golf Fitness Assessment (includes… ) [same as above]
  3. Learn How To Attain you New Year’s Golf Resolution with a FREE 20-Minute Golf Fitness Assessment
  4. Prepare for your Upcoming Golf Season Now with this FREE Golf Fitness Assessment…
  5. Gift Certificates for the Golfer
  6. How to Prepare Yourself for Your Next Season.
  7. What to do NOW for Next Season.

These are just a few ideas of how to promote during the “holiday” or winter/summer off seasons (depending on where you are in the country). Give these a try and let me know how they work for you.

Here are a few samples of our off-season and holiday promotions :

Off Season Promo #1Off Season Promo #2Off Seaon Promo #3

Bonus:  Win a FREE half hour personal consultation to learn other techniques and ideas in helping your prospects want to BUY your services.

Any subscriber of these tips qualify. All you need to do is contribute to these tips by asking Fran a question about how to help your golf fitness business grow, or by contributing success stories of your golf fitness business growth. Every contributor’s name for each month will be entered into a monthly drawing. Every month, three (3) contributors will be picked out of a hat to win the FREE consultation. So let’s all join in and help this industry grow by helping each other… and good luck in the drawing!


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