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Golf fitness prospects are like prospects in any other industry: They want more information! In this case it’s about how to improve their body to improve their golf. Since your market is looking for more information, then it is up to you to be the provider of the content they have interest in. Look at it this way: If you don’t provide what they are looking for, YOUR prospects will find it somewhere else!

So how do we go about getting great content?

We will be covering the SIMPLEST ways to get content for you to use. Once you master these easy tasks you can move into advance stages of providing content of which one of them could be to “write your own”.                                                  (HINT: Section C is your “secret weapon” to providing killer content)

A. If you have a BLOG then you are on your way, buy if you have not started a blog where you can share your ideas, exercises, nutritional thoughts, etc… then you MAY want to consider starting one. Although it is nice to have a blog it is NOT MANDATORY!

  1. If you have a blog you really need to use it or it becomes a waste of your time
  2. If you do not have a blog then look for other methods to get content out to your prospects

B. Well there’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media venues to get your message out, but how do we consistently get great content out?

  1. First thing you will need to do is follow others that provide content that fits your beliefs

a. Join Facebook or LinkedIn groups in your industry

b. Sign up to get newsletters that pertain to golf fitness

c. Follow industry leaders in the social media venues (facebook, LinkedIn, etc)

2. If you receive articles that you believe in then click on the LIKE button

C.Ways to create content for your prospects? The answer to this is that once you have set yourself in a position to RECEIVE content, you have also put yourself in position to PROVIDE content.

  1. Once you have LIKED an article or thought or paragraph, take time to “COMMENT” on that article. Reasons for commenting?

a. You want to make a comment to compliment the writer for providing good information

b. VERY IMPORTANT: Create a comment that provokes interaction and MORE comments. * If you are looking for good content, try getting multiple writers to talk about a subject, and then keep commenting on their input. What I mean by “keep commenting” is to Ask a Question to prompt the writers to answer. Utilizing this technique you are now getting others to submit content you can use.

D.  Already, you have created 2 pieces of content you can provide to your golf fitness prospects:

  1. Initial article YOU were interested in reading, and
  2. The entire conversation you provoked by commenting and asking questions

E.  If you have a Blog – More ideas about how to get others to submit content:

  1. Have your blog be about finding great blog articles that can help your readers
  2. Draw people to your blog by posting on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.
  • Using short exerpts… (read more). For example, start with a very interesting statement that cuts out right before the punch line, prompting a reader to click on “read more”
  1. Invite other bloggers to contribute to your blog, giving them full credit for the article.
  2. Find articles that you really like, let your readers know what you thought of the article and then provide a link so your readers can go and read as well
  3. Share and/or re-post articles onto your facebook and LinkedIn and use the techniques you see in Section C
  4. Twitter that you just read something really good and link to your posted article in the other social media venues
  5. Link and post and link and post…. And then comment
  6. Be sure to LIKE the comments coming back to you
  7. FOLLOW each other. Create the GOLF FITNESS community – build a team

F.  If you DO NOT have a blog created – More ideas about how to get others to submit content

  1. Cut and paste good articles and post them on your social media outlets. Be sure to give credit to the writer
  2. Share great articles and make sure to provide your comment followed by a question that may stimulate interaction and more comments
  3. Share local congratulatory stories of how one of your clients have improved utilizing golf fitness
  4. Ask all your clients to “follow” you so they can receive valuable golf fitness content
  5. FOLLOW each other. Create the GOLF FITNESS community – build a team
  6. Link and post and link and post… and then comment

So this concludes our 4 parts of Utilizing Social Media to grow your golf fitness business. As we hoped you noticed, we tried to stay as basic as possible so EVERYONE can utilize social media to some degree.

I welcome any information you may want to add to this subject.  You can either share a simple success story you may have had using social media or even send us a question to elaborate on.

All you need do is COMMENT


I will see you again in 2 weeks where we will begin to cover our next Series:

Building Golf Fitness business at a Golf Club

See you soon!


fran rosario

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