At FitGolf Performance Centers we are constantly working to improve the understanding of how the body affects the golf swing. We have started up a new Research Project at our Delaware Valley location in cooperation with our National Headquarters.  We are going to be looking at the rotation in the body and how it effects the flight of the ball in reference to distance utilizing cutting edge technology.

Why?  Well, we have a hunch that lacking full rotation and flexibility within the body is going to negatively affect the power a golfer is able to generate throughout the swing.

Think back to the days of childhood when you would snap your brother or sister with a rubber band.  You really pulled back on that rubber band to get the full desired effect of that quick, powerful snap resulting in a lovely red welt on your siblings arm.  Same idea!  … sort of…

Looking at a PGA golfer’s swing they have a very large range of motion within their hips, shoulders and thoracic spine.  How well the body is able to coil around in the backswing is going to translate to the amount of power they can generate in the downswing.  Having full rotation and range of motion within the body away from golf is going to translate into the actual swing.


Each movement within the swing builds upon the previous movements motion and energy.  If, there is a restriction be it from lack of mobility, previous injury, or a muscular weakness it will impede the transfer of energy throughout the swing.  For example, if the hips are not able to rotate properly the body is going to overcompensate in another spot to deliver a swing.  This however, is going to lead to faults in that swing such as a loss of posture, lateral movement causing sways, and most importantly a loss of power. 

Feel like you may be a victim of a lack of flexibility and rotation within your body?  Here are two simple exercises to add in to your normal routine that will aid in upper and lower body rotations.

The Open Book exercise is to teach your upper body to rotate separate of your lower body.  While performing this exercise it is important to keep your knees to the ground.  Do not force your hand to ground either.  The more you practice this the easier it will become.

The second exercise is the Leg Over exercise.  This is to teach your lower body to rotate separate of your upper body.  While performing this exercise try to keep your shoulders on the ground.  Do not force your foot to the ground with this exercise either.

Check out our other blog postings and newsletters to find other exercises you can do at home to help increase your odds of your most powerful swing.  Also, watch for your local Fit Golf Performance Center to be holding the reseach study that you may partake in.

Any other questions regarding rotation of the body and generating power, email me at [email protected]

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