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This week we will continue our exploration into the social media world. I will explain more ways to integrate social media in your golf fitness business and more tricks to optimizing your social networking marketing strategies. By now you may still be wondering how often you should post, what you should post and how to integrate other marketing channels into your social networking, and that is what I will talk about this week.

One of the main questions most people have when facing the challenges of social media marketing is of how many times to post and what times to post. Both of these differ vastly between markets, and the solution is never universal. However, there are ways you can tell what works best for you:

  • Test post frequency: Getting a “like” or a “+1” is more than just a symbol of affirmation–These actions from your audience can serve as a useful data entry. By observing the amount of “likes” you get on your posts, you can test and analyze what your optimal posting frequency is.
  • Figuring out ideal posting times: This works similar to testing post frequency, whereas you can gather data from taking note of “likes.” However, there are also ways in which you can see how many people view your posts. For example, Facebook has a counter at the bottom of every post that shows how many people “saw” it, and that is a useful way to determine your optimal posting times.

One thing to keep in mind about the social media world is that it is all connected. Social media’s connectivity allows people to do much more than meets the eye, as it is increasingly useful to integrate other forms of marketing into social media. One great tool for this is Google Authorship, as it allows you to:

  • Link a Google+ profile to any blogs or website that you and your golf fitness business are active on. This personalizes these sites so there is a “face to the name” when people search for you on search engines. To get a more accurate picture of this, try searching Google for something like “how to choose the right driver” (or something along those lines). Most likely, you will see articles or blogs in the results with someone’s picture indicating authorship.
  • Give your audience a more personal connection with you, reminding them that there is a real person writing your posts or blogs.
  • Connect any material you have written to a social media account, drawing your audience to you or your company’s social media sites.

In the next blog, I will talk more about how to manage your social networking sites so they do not become overwhelming!

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