Hello again:In this installment I want to share with you some practical ways to utilize social media in the marketing of your business. Below you will see some ways to use social media sites as well as some simple concepts that we follow to improve our effectiveness.What is social media?

  • Social Media is an opportunity to grow your brand by creating lasting conversations around your brand or industry
  • Three major sites everyone initially thinks about:




Important Concepts for Using Social Media

  • GOLDEN RULE: IF YOU HAVE IT, USE IT ! Current culture is so connected that it is EXPECTED that social media is used and updated frequently.
  • HOWEVER… Consistency > Frequency. We find that when we focus on keeping our posts consistent (day to day or week to week), our social media usage is more effective in keeping our name in the public eye. If we were to post excessively one week and not again for another month, our consistency would be weakened, and we would only reach those who saw our posts for one specific week.
  • Content should always be well thought-out with great quality – Whatever we post, we always try to keep a high-quality standard. Photos should not be pixelated, while comments should always be kept appropriate and engaging. It is acceptable to discuss topics outside our specific FitGolf brand, but we always avoid controversial issues, and we try to keep it relatable to the golf fitness industry.
  • Do NOT over-post. Without contradicting my first point, I want to emphasize the importance of keeping it simple. Since our clientele is predominantly in the professional world, we want to give them information without wasting their time. Frankly, over-posting can be annoying! There should be a purpose to a post: To engage, promote, etc. Do not overdo it. This is especially true for more professional social media sites such as LinkedIn.

Next week I’ll explain how we actually use certain tools within social media sites to engage in discussion around golf fitness and specifically our FitGolf brand.

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