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This time I thought that the best way to explain how to do a successful seminar was to actually include an example of a seminar we provide in our FitGolf Performance Center territories. Below you find the most important points of presenting a seminar in your area as well as descriptions of these points.

There are two types of seminars to present at:

  • Out-house – Now don’t get carried away. We are not talking about exterior facilities you would find on everybody’s property in the 1800’s! This simply means that you would be doing this seminar at a location other than your own shop.
  • In-house – Seminar you would provide to the golfer public at your own location

In either situation, the information would follow the same format.

  • First step is to Plan to make events a success – Start with your goal of what you want to accomplish, then build the steps to get to your goal
  • Second step is to develop the lecture content. The MOST important part of this lecture is that your lecture is about your audience, NOT what or who you know, or how “good” you are (Pride goes in your back pocket).
  • Make sure you have a “Sign in” sheet where they can list their Name, Phone number and Email (This is KEY)!
  • Hand them a coupon for a FREE consultation (of some sort) as a thank you for attending.
  • Three important ideas for the Lecture:
    1. The ideal Golf Swing – Optimal Performance vs. Maximum Safety
    2. Structure Governs Performance
    3. The Five Factors of Integrated Performance 
      • Body
      • Mind
      • Skills
      • Talent
      • Equipment
  • Typically 15-20 minutes on this is enough.
  • Prove the points with experiential demonstration. Make sure to relate the findings to each person’s golf swing via questions and demonstration:
    1. Sway Test – discussion of direction of sway and relationship to swing balance and swing path
    2. Single Leg Balance Test – review of weight transfer
    3. Seated Spine Rotation Test – relate to shoulder turn
    4. Seated Hip Rotation Test – relate to reverse pivot, and loss of knee angles
  • When getting in front of the masses, deal with THEIR issues.
  • Make sure there is generous time for questions and answers

Additional information to make your seminar as successful as possible:

  • Follow up on every lead and let them know you are calling to give them the opportunity to take advantage of the FREE consultation coupon they received at the seminar. They won’t come if you don’t ask!
  • Keep leads that do not come in and use them for future event invitations and marketing. This is another way to BUILD YOUR EMAIL DATABASE.
  • Be willing to do consultations at the Lecture
  • If your intention is to “sell” you will fail.  If it is to outflow information you will greatly succeed

 Good Luck! 

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