The FitGolf Performance Center Franchise


FitGolf Performance Center FranchiseComplete start-up supportOn-going support
Complete system gets resultsCutting edge golf fitness
Based on scientific researchUnique body-swing analysis
On-line business softwareRevenue 12 months a year
Delivered in various settingRelatively low overhead
Additional revenue streamsMission Statement

Complete Startup Support

FitGolf Performance Center Franchise

We have documented all processes and actions needed to open your FitGolf Performance Centers Golf Fitness Franchise Business. You will be guided every step of the way during the process of start-up. We are here to help you be successful in your opening. Top

On going operational support and training

FitGolf Performance Center Franchise

We provide on-going training and support to ensure your success. This includes weekly telephone calls, on-line video conference call training, and on-site support and training Top


A complete system that, when followed produces results

FitGolf Performance Center Franchise

We created a turnkey system to operate your golf franchise business. We have documented all processes and actions needed to operate your FitGolf Performance Centers Golf Fitness Franchise Business. It is our system that separates us from a weekend course or certification. The system is the business. Top

On-line software to manage the business.

FitGolf Performance Center Franchise

One part of the System, is our business management software tools. These tools help you understand the status of your business, market your business, and manage your clients.Top


Cutting edge of golf fitness.

FitGolf Performance Center Franchise

FitGolf Performance Center Golf Franchise is the only national franchise business delivering golf fitness services. We are a leader in the golf fitness industry. Our state of the art technology, research and complete training experience, gives you an advantage over your competitors. We get the outcomes. It is that simple. Top

Based on sound scientific research.

FitGolf Performance Center Franchise

FitGolf Performance Centers core philosophies are based on sound scientific research that began in the 1980’s. Many centers are working with universities researching certain body/swing relationships.Top


Unique in how we analyze the body to improve swing flaws.

FitGolf Performance Center Franchise

The combination of our hands on releasing and exercise approach, and state of the art technology gives a COMPLETE picture about how your body affects your swing. That makes it easy to help golfers get better.Top


Delivered in most any facility or location.

FitGolf Performance Center Franchise

FitGolf Performance Centers can be operated out of many types of facilities including: medical offices, store fronts, golf courses and clubs, fitness centers and other locations.Top


Relatively low overhead related to its revenue potential.

FitGolf Performance Center Franchise

There are some centers who run with one person who does all of the clinical and marketing work. Other centers employ several people in marketing and delivery. Your vision and desire for your business are the determining factors.Top


Equipment that produces an additional revenue stream.

FitGolf Performance Center Franchise

Most of the equipment used in the FitGolf Performance Center’s program is sold to clients in each center providing additional revenue for you.Top


Fee-for-service enterprise that produces revenue 12 months a year.

FitGolf Performance Center Franchise

FitGolf Performance Centers is a cash based business. Health insurance does not cover our services. For health care providers this is a welcome change from the third party payer system. Golfers are able to participate in our program year round as the program is done indoors.Top


Mission Statement:

FitGolf Performance Center Franchise

Revolutionize golf learning by helping the world understand the importance of the body and golf swing relationships.Top



The materials on the website regarding the FitGolf Performance Centers franchise opportunity are for general information only and not intended to offer a franchise to anyone viewing this site. Offers and sales of a franchise are made only after the delivery of a franchise disclosure document which is in compliance with all applicable federal and state law.

Before offering franchises for sale in some states, our franchise disclosure document may need to be registered and declared effective by the appropriate state regulatory authority. Our federal disclosure document has to be delivered to the offeree within the applicable time frame provided before the sale of a franchise. The FitGolf Performance Center franchise is offered only by delivery of a franchise disclosure

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