Colder weather is upon us which means we can do a number of things. You could plan trips to warmer weather just to play golf. You can sit around and cuddle under a blanket by a fire. Or, you can spend your open schedule getting stronger, faster, better for next year. Which ever option you decide, it had better be the last option if you look to improve on your progress gained this year. But how, you ask? Read on for a few tips.

Learn how to control those muscles

Planning your workouts should become priority to track progress along the way. This step is often overlooked because many see it as another thing to do in an already busy day. It is quite easy if you really think about it. Get yourself a small bound book and spend one hour planning the next 4 – 6 weeks of workouts. Once this is done, all you have to do is execute, you have made all of the decisions for each workout ahead of time. This cuts down on the ‘should I do cardio or weights first’ question. Just refer to the plan you set up.

Second thing to help get motivated in the off season is to get a training buddy. Find someone with similar training goals that will hold you accountable for everything that you do. Its hard to skip a day or show up late when someone is waiting there to work with you. The same idea can be applied when training with a trainer. If you have a standing appointment, you will less likely cancel on the way home just because you didn’t feel like working that day. 

Finally, to really get a global picture of the physical issues to be address, it is a good idea to complete a Functional Movement Screen. This screen tells you where you can spend a majority of your time getting stronger where it really matters. This can be done by searching websites such as Titleist Performance Institute and Functional Movement Systems to find a professional near you. Having this information will really be beneficial in getting stronger in the weakest areas of your body. Leading to less risk of injury, better movements and the ability to build more gains.

This entry was written by Ryan McLean, Golf Fitness Coach of FitGolf Performance Centers located outside of Philadelphia, PA. To reach him with questions, email [email protected] 

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