I am often asked what we do, and even what we say when working at a golfing event. Below, you will find our exact procedure on working an event… all the way down to exactly what we say that has the golfers asking us for more!

  1. Items Needed

□       Lead Sheets for the event with the organization or club’s name on it

□       Gift Certificates

□       Business Cards

□       Tent

□       Stretch Table

□       Signs for FREE Stretch

 2. People Needed

□      Marketing Representative  

Role: Inviter, Introduces to Trainer, Fills out Lead Sheets

□      Trainer

      Role: Stretches/Gather Information

*Note: this can be done with one person but is more effective if there are 2

3. Agreement with your local golf professional instructor to set up a tent and stretching table at the member golf outing.

4. Best Places to set up tent (in this order)

□      Driving Range

□      Putting Green

□      Locker room

5. Set up a sign letting golfers know the stretching is “FREE”.  This should be set up where there is the heaviest traffic near your tent.  Make sure you are completely set up 30 – 40 minutes before tee time. 

 6. Marketing Representative invites golfers to tent for a free stretch, registers name to the lead sheet and introduces the golfer to the trainer.

 7. Trainer begins stretching exercises as well as a conversation that draws information from the golfer.  Typical question examples.

  •  So, tell me about your golf.
  • How often do you play?
  • Do you have any tightness specifically?
  • Do you stretch/exercise on your own?
  • Does stretching/exercise help your game?
  • How does it affect your game?
  • What would it mean to you if these body restrictions didn’t exist?
  • Have you heard of us before?
  • No?  Well eliminating those restrictions you talked about…
  • that’s what we do.

 8. At the end of the stretching exercises, trainer offers to send a stretching tip to the golfer via email (this helps you build your lead database).

 9. Trainer also asks permission to call the golfer in a few days “as a follow up to today’s stretches” to see how golfer’s event went.

10. Trainer asks golfer to give marketing representative a phone number where trainer can reach them during the day.

11. Trainer then hands golfer back to Marketing Representative for completion of lead sheet (add email, address and phone number where needed).

12. Marketing Representative completes form and wishes them luck in that day’s outing.

13. Repeat steps 6-12 with other golfers until tee times begin.

14. Within 24 hours, email stretch tip.

15. Two days later follow up with phone call and review their initial stretch; Invite them in for a free consultation. 


  1. Be early
  2. Dress like the golfers
  3. Keep everything light; No pressure sales (Instructors DO NOT like when their golfers are being SOLD)
  4. Always go with two people whenever possible
  5. Always offer a stretch tip and offer to email the written version to them
  6. Always gather email and phone number
  7. Always, Always, Always ask permission to follow up with a phone call.

 Good Luck!

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