Generating revenue through email correspondence is one of the best ways to improve your metrics. Getting their phone number is a top need. It is personal, direct and much more time efficient. There are two directions to go while communicating through email:

1. Choose to answer all their questions by email.

2. Choose to ask them for a phone number so you can “talk through” their questions.

My recommendation is that you talk to them verbally over the phone. The reason for this is verbal communication is much easier to control than an email correspondence going back and forth. The moment you ask for a commitment toward buying your services, the success rate differs dramatically from the two options. An email correspondence can stop at any time. When you have them on the phone, the person either has to accept your offer or turn down a real-life person versus turning down a computer screen: Turning down a real-life person is much more difficult for people to do!

In the next week, a blog will be available for you to learn how to get phone numbers from people that do not include it in your emails to you.

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