In this week’s Tip of the Week, I talked about generating revenue through emailing and why it is so important to get the phone numbers of prospects you are communicating with through email. I am often asked how I go about getting the phone numbers. The answer is pretty simple, you reply and ask them for it!

Here’s an example of how to reply to a prospect’s email:

“Hello Prospect: Could you please forward your phone number so we can talk through all the questions you have?”

If they do not respond back, send a second one:

Hello Prospect: I just wanted to make sure you’ve received this last email that I sent you on (day of the week).”

If they do not respond to the second email, they were probably not an interested prospect to begin with.

However, you can also be more specific with your intentions to get the phone number, in order to engage the prospect’s interest more. Here’s an example of a prospect I had to be more intentional with, when asking for his phone number.

 “Hello Prospect:

Just wanted to respond to your request to schedule your assessment. Could you please forward me your phone number and/or call me at 610-940-3835?

Looking forward to meeting you,

Fran Rosario”

Notice the points where I wrote with a very specific tone: In the first sentence, I made sure to remind the prospect that this is something he wanted. In the second sentence I wrote somewhat presumptuously, strongly encouraging the prospect to give me his phone number and/or call me in order to make what he wanted happen.

 In some cases, you will get the number, but not be able to reach the person. People often ask me what to do at this point… Keep in mind, persistence is key! When this happens, I usually send something like this:

 “Hello Prospect:

I just tried calling you and left a voice mail message for you. To schedule your free technology assessment that you requested through our promotion, or for more information about this assessment, you may call our office at 610-940-3835 at your earliest convenience and ask for Fran. Due to the high interest of this technology assessment the earliest appointments available are now in mid August. It would probably be best if you can call soon so you can book your appointment time before the end of August.

Please let me know either way as soon as you can!

Thanks and looking forward to meeting you soon,

Fran Rosario”

For the most part, there are usually ways to continue encouraging your prospect to call you. Even when they do not respond, encourage them to do so quickly (as you can see in the timely incentive in the example above). Getting these phone numbers dramatically increase your chance of generating revenue from prospects, by opening a line of communication that is more direct and more streamlined. The bottom line is, you need to move the conversation from an email correspondence to a phone conversation as soon as possible, to minimize time and effort spent on each prospect.

Should you have any questions or comments, I am available any time. Call me at the (800-473-6211) office or email me at [email protected].


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