This week we continue our discussion on the importance of the hips in the golf swing and how to harness the power of our newly learning movement. If you have missed the previous posts, you should review PART 1 and PART 2 before using the information in this post. The order is important because you cannot learn how to run without knowing how to balance on your feet first. You must have the range of motion and know how to use that new range before you can effectively create power. With that noted, we may move on to the exciting stuff.

Powerful hips are necessary in many aspects of health and performance. In golf performance, they influence club head speed, kinematic sequencing (hips drive the downswing), and the ability to create a solid base for the rest of the body to move around. That solid base comes from your ability to slow, or stabilize, the speed that you have generate. As I mentioned before, it is hard to stop the sports car with the big engine without having big enough brakes to stop. Your body will not let you generate more speed if you are potentially going to injury yourself. They body does a great job of protecting itself from self harm. How else do you think you keep your head above your feet all day?

One easy way to swing faster is to … swing faster. Before you swing for the mountains, there is a right and wrong way to do this. Do not grab the weighted club and hit balls as hard as possible. Your back and shoulders will not like you if you do this. It is best to train power with an upright spine and develop skill in golf posture. Because of this, we train speed by swinging like a baseball player. This helps to avoid any unnecessary pressure in unnecessary places. Using a 5 iron, start by kneeling on a pillow and swing the club like a kneeling baseball player. Perform 10 repetitions and then swing the club the other direction. That is correct, I just said swing the club as if you a lefty (for all you right handed golfers out there). After you have evened out your 10 per side, stand up and perform the same 10 swing to the right, then 10 swings to the left.

By swinging the club in both directions, you are learning the ability to generate and control speed from both directions. This rotary stability development teaches you to create more speed and gives your body the ability to control the swing all the way to the end. This drill does have a cardiovascular component to it and can easily be substituted with your current exercise routine. Again, I stress the importance of taking the time to be sure each step in placed in the right position. If you have questions about your physical abilities for power generation, consult your local Golf Fitness Professional for a full consultation.

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