An issue with amateur level golfers is the ability to transfer weight efficiently from one side to the other during the golf swing. This is a difficult move to execute without the proper physical abilities that allow for this dynamic move to happen. With an inability to get to the lead side, speed and power are difficult to generate leading to poor contact through impact.

A few factors are needed for proper weight transfer in the golf swing. First, the necessary amount hip rotation is a must to have room to move within both hips. As you transfer weight from one side of the body to the other, internal rotation of the ‘loaded’ hip occurs while external rotation of the ‘stabilizing’ hip happens allowing for hip turn. Secondly, one must possess dynamic strength to control the hip as it rotates under the load of gravity. This is no easy feat without proper training or natural ability. In some cases, knowledge of proper movement must be learned to be able to retrain the body to respond with the right muscles.

To find out if you have the proper range of motion at home, lie on your back with a pillow between the knees. Keeping the knees in contact with the pillow and your knees at 90 degrees, separate the feet as wide as possible. Does one side go further that the other? Take note of the differences and refer to this stretch to start getting more range of motion.

Next time we will discuss how to improve the control of those newly stretched muscles in their newly found range of motion. It has been a while since they have traveled to the end of the road, so it is time to show them the way. As always, be patient with progress as you are learning this stuff for the first time in a long time. If you are unsure of the position of a stretch or the health of a joint, contact your local Golf Fitness Professional to learn more.

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