How do you approach your market? What do you say to them? More importantly, what is it you would like to accomplish with your communications to your prospects? How about you invite them to something! Maybe to a visit to your location… maybe a quick assessment … maybe to a free session, or maybe even to dinner (or whatever)!

As I speak with folks in this golf fitness industry from all over the world, I find that most of the questions asked are the ones pertaining to promoting a person’s business or “expertise”. The first question I have for them is “How do you talk to your market”? “How do you promote to them and what do you ask of them”?

Answers received:

  1. Web site
  2. Magazine ads
  3. Emails
  4. Talking with people

Before you ever send out a promotion or have a conversation with anyone that falls into the category of “your prospect”, you will need to establish the goal as to how you would want your promotion or conversation to go. Determine what it is you would like to accomplish, and then create your promotion or conversation so it can accomplish that goal.

Do you want your prospects to see your logo? Do you want them to notice your name? Would you like them to see your website?

Many Golf fitness business owners will state that they just want to get their name out…  I really do understand the intention: You want your prospect to see your name and then NEVER forget it, right? That process can be extremely costly. By this I mean that you will have to do many promotions which in turn will cost a lot of money and give you very few results, if any. As for the time involved… hours of work structuring a promotional piece that MIGHT pull an interested prospect. The only way prospects will remember your name is if you’ve already spent the time and money to create the household name like Coca-Cola or Sears or McDonalds. But don’t fret! There is another way you can succeed in the promotion arena: You will need to change your train of thought from needing them to know you, TO having them actually WANT your service. Once you provide any type of outcome for them THEY WILL KNOW YOU!… And spread the word.

The only way to do this is to CALL your prospect to some type of ACTION:

Have your promotion talk about something they can start to get to know you with such as a FREE assessment, or consultation. Make sure this offering is something your market would actually like to have…. Then the final step is to TELL your prospect to CALL, or to GO to your website – and you might even want them to call you NOW!

The point is to INVITE them to DO something! Your chances of a person calling you increase dramatically if you invite them into an action. If you invite them to your website, you’ll need to have a “Call to Action” on your homepage as well. Try something like: “Click Here” for your FREE article on “How Hip Restrictions Affect the Golf Swing”.

Bonus:  Win a FREE half hour personal consultation for your golf fitness business!

Any subscriber of these tips qualify. All you need to do is contribute to these tips by asking Fran a question about how to help your golf fitness business grow, or by contributing success stories of your golf fitness business growth. Every contributor’s name for each month will be entered into a monthly drawing. Every month, three (3) contributors will be picked out of a hat to win the FREE consultation. So let’s all join in and help this industry grow by helping each other… and good luck in the drawing!

Talk to you soon.

Remember: JUST DO IT!

Until Next Time,

Fran Rosario

Fran Rosario


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