It seems everyone who plays golf is looking for a few extra yards.  More length off the tee can certainly get you in a better position to hit more greens and improve your opportunity to score.  However, added length without accuracy and consistency is not an advantage. Therefore, if you want to improve distance and accuracy in your game, then performing golf-specific exercises aimed at improving your body strength, balance and posture are very helpful.

Two simple exercises you can try that integrate the benefits of improved hip and leg strength, balance and posture are called the “Forward Lunge” and “Lateral Lunge”.  When performed properly, these exercises are very safe and you can see the desired results of improved length off the tee in a very short time.

Forward Lunges

Forward lunge for power

The “Forward Lunge” is begun by placing a club behind your spine, pressing your lower back against the club as much as possible by firming your lower abdominal muscles and straightening your middle spine and then placing your right foot several feet in front of the left in a balanced, stride position.

From this starting position, slowly lunge forward over the right foot keeping your proper club behind the spine posture (see picture #1).  Hold this forward lunge position while maintaining your posture and balance for 3-5 seconds and then return to the standing position.  Repeat the lunge on the right foot for 1-2 sets of 10 repetitions.  Then, repeat the exercise in the same way with your left foot forward.

Lateral Lunges       

Lateral lunge for powerThe “Lateral Lunge” is, once again, started by placing the club behind your spine and firming your lower abdominal muscles to gain the proper connection of your spine to the shaft.  Then, stand with your legs separated by several feet.

Next, while keeping proper posture, balance and control, slowly lunge laterally over your right hip, knee and foot making certain that you have your weight distributed over your right leg with your hip, knee and foot in a vertical plumb line (see picture #2).  Hold this position for 3-5 seconds and return to the standing position.

Repeat the lunge to the right for 1-2 sets of 10 repetitions.  Then, repeat the exercise in the same way to the left.

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