Good balance is an essential ingredient to a consistent and accurate golf swing. Golfers with poor balance typically swing with excessive lateral movement (lateral sway) and/or incomplete weight transfer (reverse pivoting) during either the backswing or follow-through.

 Single Leg Balance Drill

Single Leg Balance


A simple way to improve your balance is by practicing the “Single Leg Balance Drill”.  To perform this exercise, simply stand on a flat, firm surface and place a club shaft along your spine to help achieve a straight back posture to balance on. Lift one foot off the floor by flexing the hip and knee to 90° (see photo 1) and attempt to balance on one leg for up to 30 seconds.  Then, switch feet and repeat the balance drill on the other foot. Continue balancing on one foot at a time for 10-20 repetitions. Once you have mastered this drill with your eyes open, then advance your balance skills by practicing the same exercise with your eyes closed!




Balance Beam Swing Drill

To integrate your improving balance with your golf swing, try the “Balance Beam Swing Drill”.  To begin this drill, take no more than a wedge, stand with one foot behind the other on a 4”x 6” wood balance beam and assume your normal posture at address.  Practice 10-20 slow, partial back and forward swings while maintaining your balance on the beam (See picture #2a,b).  Then, reverse your foot position and repeat the drill.  When you have mastered your ability to balance on the beam with partial swings and shorter clubs, advance to fuller swings.  You can then challenge yourself more by progressing to longer clubs and attempt to perform the drill with your eyes closed.

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