April 13, 2013 – We just had the second week of our Future Collegians Class. We started with short game, using our putting obstacle course. After an hour or so we used the video camera to take a closer look at swing techniques and discovered an interesting trend. Every single player rocked their head and upper body back away from the target on the downswing. We were able to draw a box around the heads of our students and 100% of them moved a substantial amount. When we compared the head and upper body of Tiger Woods to our kids it was obvious what they needed to work on. If you want to hit the ball solid consistently you have to have a steady body. It helps so much to see it on the big screen. 

After a couple of hours of wedges and chipping we got to our fitness hour with Dave Ostrow from FitGolf. It was a spirited hour of speed training. The kids really enjoy this a great deal. Dave’s enthusiasm is infectious. The kids can’t figure out where the time goes. You can see it’s changing how aggressive they are through the hitting area. You can see how this is going to help them get out of the rough easier, hit better bunker shots and absolutely hit the ball farther.

We did a real athletic warm up program for fitness today.  The kids were walking like dogs, bears and ducks, caroking, hopping, skipping, and goose steps to improve reciprocal movements and ability to separate top from bottom. Dave congratulated the kids for doing their homework he gave them last week.  Somehow he knew they did it. Some said they did not do it every day, but several times in the week.  They are very motivated to improve and are doing exactly what is needed…the homework.  

Dave also commented that all kids were now able to touch toes, and several were squatting better.  Dave explained for a golfer touching toes and squatting correctly are critical for stability over the ball in all aspects of the game. He is even able to cite research that proves those relationship.   Next week Dave said we will begin rotational training…a cliff hanger…I am sure it will be both helpful and fun.  

This week we are adding Tom Sterner to the mix. Tom will help the kids with some Goal Setting and Mental Strategies. If you didn’t know, Tom wrote the Best Selling Book “The Practicing Mind”. It’s been very successful, having been written in numerous languages. So many great players have Mental Coaches and we are very fortunate to have one helping our students.  Tom Sterner and Dave Ostrow really make a tremendous impact on our program. We are fortunate to have their knowledge available for our students..  

If you want more information about this class please feel free to email me at [email protected]. . Eric MacCluen PGA Director of Instruction Applecross Golf Academy.

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