I’ve been working with the folks at Fitgolf for 15 years. I credit the program for my continuing success on the golf course. Although I’m moving into my late 50’s, I have not lost distance, and have actually gained some and have a better ball flight. I began with the physical assessment, moved to myofacial release, and for the last several years I have been working with TPI certified trainers to make my body the best it can be for swinging the golf club.
Fitgolf also has diagnostic equipment to detect swing changes/ flaws. Recently, after a lesson with my pro, I took the video to Jason, my trainer, and using his equipment, discovered my weight was too much on my toes. This was an easy fix and saved me hours of frustration on the range figuring out what was wrong.
I recommend Fitgolf to golfers of ALL ages.
Alexandra (AK) Frazier

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